key-Anywhere Cost
The cost for remote access to your 'Key-Data' product starts at just 20.00 pcm.

Information Backup
You will of course require a mechanism to securely and automatically backup your important information from the server to another remote location. This is included in the key-Anywhere pricing plan for up to 500 MB (mega bytes) of data. Data-backup over this volume will be chargeable at 5.00 pcm per GB (giga byte).

Printing to your office or other location from your remote session will require that your printer has been installed on the server. 'Key-Data Systems' support staff will generally be able to action this for you, although depending upon the model of your printer, this may also require the assistance of your IT support company.

Where necessary, 'Key-Data Systems' can offer you a 'generic printer driver' that generally performs well and is supplied free of charge. However  it should be noted that the most reliable printing is achieved when using the printer driver that was supplied with the printer.

email Addresses
Your company will require a transferrable email account that allows you to send emails from our server. Your current ISP may well have given you such an account as part of your package (please check with them). If not, then transferrable email accounts may be obtained from various other providers we believe (such as a gmail account). Where required, 'Key-Data Systems' will be happy to register a transferrable email account on behalf of your company at just 20.00 p/a. 

Please contact our 'Key-anywhere' team on to discuss your requirements in detail.

All prices quoted exclude VAT



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