Imagine... offices and users connected across the Internet working from anywhere......imagine no longer

What Is 'Key-anywhere' ?

Your 'Key-Data' product is a fast effective office based tool that allows you to maximise your full potential...It is a feature rich, true 'Microsoft Windows' application that easily outclasses 'Browser' or 'Internet' based software systems. Historically however, these slow, 'clunky', feature bare, 'Internet' based systems have offered one advantage over office based systems....they allow users access to their information from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

'Key-anywhere' is our answer to this....

'Key-anywhere' is a perfect partnership between 'Key-Data Systems' and 'Microsoft', that allows you to access your 'Key-Data' product from wherever you or your staff are. Your 'Key-Data' product is hosted on a remote, fast, secure Microsoft server with a blisteringly fast backbone connection to the Internet. Utilising the power and flexibility of 'Remote Desktop' (integrated into Microsoft Windows since XP), you can run your 'Key-Data' product at speeds comparable, and in many cases a great deal faster, than if your server was in your own office!

Imagine the potential and the possibilities offered by having the full power of your 'Key-Data' information available from anywhere in the world!

Why May I Need 'Key-anywhere' ?

  • If your company has multiple branches and you wish all your branches to share data in real time
  • If you wish to offer 'remote working' to employees
  • If you wish to access your 'Key-Data' information in the evening, or weekend, or when you are on holiday

What Does It Cost?
Costs to host your 'Key-Data' product start at just 20.00 PCM (talk to us for exact costings based upon your requirements) with a one-off set-up fee of 99.00. We can take your current data and set up 'Key-anywhere' within a couple of hours! Compare this to setting up your own dedicated file server...around 1,900.00 for the hardware, operating software and licence fees and 500.00 for installation and setup with regular maintenance fees on top of that!

Wave goodbye to expensive IT support fees...'Key-Data Systems' will also look after the printing and email configuration set up from the server....In addition regular, nightly backups of your data is included in the package price, which removes the necessity for your company to worry about this important activity!...Just logon and go....

If you need worry free, remote access to your 'Key-Data' product then this really is the service for you...and it could be yours within hours!

Alternative Remote Access Methods
Where your company requires only light remote usage, we can suggest alternative ways for you to access your 'Key-Data' information without employing the 'Key-anywhere' solution. To read about alternative remote access methods, click the 'Other Remote Options' tab above'

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