Where your remote usage requirement is only for a low number of users (1 or 2), or your company already has a dedicated server, then there are alternative methods of allowing remote access to your 'Key-Data' Information.

Your Own Company Server
If your company has a dedicated server already set-up (Windows Server 2003 or later), then you can have your IT support company set-up 'Microsoft Terminal Services' which will allow you to access your 'Key-Data' product at no extra charge whatsoever! If necessary, please supply your IT company with 'Key-Data Support' contact details, and they will be happy to explain how to set this up.

Occasional or Low Number Remote Access
Where you only require remote access for one or two additional remote users to your 'Key-Data' product, this can also be accomplished at virtually no extra cost. Simply set up an extra workstation in your office for each remote user, and set-up a remote access system so that remote users can 'take control' of the workstation from anywhere.

We suggest using either: www.gotomypc.com or www.logmein.com. Both of these products are available at a very low cost, and offer high reliability and are very easy to set-up. Click the links above for full information.

If you would like to discuss the best way of setting up remote access for your company, then please contact our 'Key-anywhere' team: anywhere@key-data.co.uk to discuss your requirements in detail.



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